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27 Auto Center

Whitley City KY | Automobile Repairing & Service

Altech Automotive

Helenwood TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Burress Classic Auto

Pioneer TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Carson's Alignment & Automotive

Oneida TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Chases Garage

Robbins | Automobile Repairing & Service

Hard Knox Automotive

Oneida TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Hippy's Fix It All

Oneida TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Honse's Auto Repair

Helenwood TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

L & L Auto Care

Oneida TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Nick's His & Hers Auto Fix

Helenwood TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Phil's Auto Repair

Whitley City TN | Automobile Repairing & Service


Wartburg | Automobile Repairing & Service

Second Chance Automotive

Oneida | Automobile Repairing & Service

Stephens Raymond Garage

Whitley City TN | Automobile Repairing & Service

Tomahawk Equipment & Truck Repair

| Automobile Repairing & Service

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Auto Repair & Services Near You

Having your vehicle undergo routine inspections can not only prevent costly repairs, but also aid in the longevity of your vehicle's lifespan. Our automotive technicians handle all major and minor services on all types of vehicles. Below are some of the many services they have provided throughout the years in the repair industry.

Safety & Emissions Inspections

One thing everyone can appreciate is clean, enjoyable air. Many large cities are now requiring vehicles to undergo emissions testing to reduce pollution. A completion of this test is a prerequisite for getting your annual vehicle registration. Emissions tests minimize harmful pollutants in the air, ensuring the air quality stays up to par. Implementing repairs for failed tests are also a service our local technicians offer.


Brakes are our car's safety net, necessary for on-the-road travel. Having your brakes inspected twice a year for damage and wear can save you and your passengers from unexpected accidents. Catching early signs of wear on your breaks can also save you money in the long run before repairs become too expensive. Brake pads can be made out of ceramic, metal or organic materials, while the disk rotors and drums that they are pressed against are made out of metal. The friction used to haul your car can wear these down over time; just make sure they don't wear down completely.

Tire Services

Checking your tire pressure monthly is crucial to ensure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure. Our local repair shops offer a variety of tire brands customizable for your vehicle's needs. Some of the tire services we offer include but are not limited to, wheel alignment, tire mounting, tire balancing, and tire rotation/inspection. Contact your local auto repair shop to learn what pressure your tires should be gauged at.

Axle Repair and Replacement

Your vehicle's axles are necessary when it comes to being safe on the road. Axles carry all of the weight of the vehicle and attach the wheels of the car to help drive it. Our local auto repair technicians have an eye for the complexity of axles and repairing and servicing them. Our state-of-the-art axle models allow the left and right wheels to rotate at different speeds as the vehicle moves. The different speeds enhance the traction and extend the longevity of the tires' lives, saving you money and avoiding unnecessary appointments. Your car not stopping smoothly and having difficulty stopping in general are signs your car may need axle repair. Our experts can detect any problems your vehicle may have, avoiding unnecessary headaches and expenses.

Cooling System Services

Having warm air blowing on you in the depths of summer from your vehicle's vents can be uncomfortable, and lead to heat exhaustion. Ensure your cooling system is effective by making sure it gets evaluated consistently during your vehicle's routine inspections. Rotating your antifreeze seasonally is another important key factor in maintaining your cooling system. Our team can pinpoint any problems you may have with your cooling system and perform general repair services!

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